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SEAL ROCK — A new art gallery is open in Seal Rock, but the owner is a familiar face to the local business scene.

Susan Hanson owned Heartsong Beads for more than 20 years on Highway 101 and has now opened an art gallery in the same location. Dancing Coyote Gallery features Hanson’s original artwork as well jewelry, stained glass sculptures, glass, fiber art and much more from other artists.

The name Dancing Coyote Gallery was from Hanson’s favorite gallery in Depoe Bay that went out of business in the early 2000s. Hanson went to their close-out sale to buy fixtures and was offered their business sign. She has hung onto it since then. “I originally thought I would put it in my studio at home,” she said. When she decided to open her art gallery, she checked to see if that name was available, and it was. “I love the name. It’s just funny the way it worked out.”

Hanson’s roots were in painting before she moved to Oregon, where she discovered glass bead and lampwork. After making beads for more than two decades in Heartsong, she was ready to move on though not ready to be done expressing her creativity.

She had a close-out sale for Heartsong Beads but felt she wasn’t ready to retire. It was the physical gallery itself that drew her back into a new business. “This is a huge space, and my studio at home is very small,” Hanson said. “I like having the chaos all in one place.”

Though she hadn’t painted for 30 years, she still had many of her canvases. “I really like the painting and wanted to go back to it,” Hanson said. “It’s meditative. I kind of get lost in it.”

Dancing Coyote Gallery is also Hanson’s studio where she creates her art. Brightly colored abstract paintings are her current theme, and she says it is both nerve-wracking and more freeing at the same time. She paints intuitively without having a drawing or photo to fall back on and paints in layers, bringing texture and interest to her work.

Hanson said she will continue to make memorial beads — glass pieces of art that contain ashes of someone’s deceased loved one. The gallery still carries beads, which she enjoys making because they can be done quickly, but once they are sold, that inventory will be minimal.

The gallery also carries art from some of her artist colleagues at Pacific Artist’s Co-op in Lincoln City, where she is a member and where her bead work is for sale. Hanson is looking for additional sculpture artists to show in her gallery. Anyone interested should contact her directly.

Dancing Coyote is located at 10343 NW Pacific Coast Highway in Seal Rock and is open Thursdays through Saturdays, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m., and anytime the “Open” flag is out. Follow on Instagram at susan_p_hanson for the latest updates.

Acrylic by Susan Hanson

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Susan P Hanson

I grew up in Newport Wales, G.B my family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1966, ever since I can remember I always had a camera in my hands, so early in life photography was my art form. I always thought I would become a well know photographer, life sometimes fools us . My life led me in many different directions, for many years I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up . In 1989 I moved to Hawaii and purchased a art supply store not knowing a thing about fine art, I began a glorious adventure . I learned how to paint with every medium made, oils, pastels , silk dyes, acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, my favorite is watercolors. Although I loved art no one medium could capture my full attention, I was always distracted by other mediums. I love working with bright colors, which is reflected in my paintings and my present work. I was bitten by the hot glass bug in 1995, I ran a wonderful ocean front B&B in Yachats Oregon , one of my customers suggested I join her on a trip to Portland to visit Bullseye glass gallery where she was purchasing stained glass. Like a kid in a candy store, I was entranced with the colors of glass and all the wonderful creations in the gallery, I immediately purchased the torch and equipment to get started fusing and lampworking . Glass has my full attention, I have a wonderful studio/gallery across the street from the ocean, in Seal Rock Oregon , I am a full time hot glass artist / jewelry designer .

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