Remembering Mom

Happy Mother’s Day from the Oregon Coast

Hi lovely friends, I lost my Mother in 2013 , it seems like yesterday ,she is always with me , words I say, imprinted by her , her kooky sayings and actions , her love of dogs . I think we all have a push pull relationship with our mothers, as we grow and get a little wiser , they age and get mellower our relationship changes to deep love , understanding . My advice love your Mom while she is here .Clear the air before they pass , I’m so lucky my Mother and I had those chats which cleared the air and told each other we are loved.

My Mother Drena & I at an event in 1988


Dancing Coyote Gallery still has my glass beads and much more.

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I grew up in Newport Wales, G.B my family immigrated to Vancouver, Canada in 1966, ever since I can remember I always had a camera in my hands, so early in life photography was my art form. I always thought I would become a well know photographer, life sometimes fools us . My life led me in many different directions, for many years I did not know what I wanted to be when I grew up . In 1989 I moved to Hawaii and purchased a art supply store not knowing a thing about fine art, I began a glorious adventure . I learned how to paint with every medium made, oils, pastels , silk dyes, acrylics, watercolors, colored pencils, my favorite is watercolors. Although I loved art no one medium could capture my full attention, I was always distracted by other mediums. I love working with bright colors, which is reflected in my paintings and my present work. I was bitten by the hot glass bug in 1995, I ran a wonderful ocean front B&B in Yachats Oregon , one of my customers suggested I join her on a trip to Portland to visit Bullseye glass gallery where she was purchasing stained glass. Like a kid in a candy store, I was entranced with the colors of glass and all the wonderful creations in the gallery, I immediately purchased the torch and equipment to get started fusing and lampworking . Glass has my full attention, I have a wonderful studio/gallery across the street from the ocean, in Seal Rock Oregon , I am a full time hot glass artist / jewelry designer .

2 thoughts on “Remembering Mom”

  1. Hey Susan!

    What a wonderful tribute to your beautiful Mum! I lost mine in 2016 and she is with me like yours is with you. Strange that!
    Philip lost his in August of 2020. He went over to deal with her “stuff” and went on after half a year getting that more or less wrapped up, went on to S. Africa due to Covid. He will be coming home soon and I can hardly wait. But! My studio is now warm enough to go into some days so it’s been great going in there to create again. Is your Mum Welsh? Mine is. Lorna was born in Cardiff. I’m so proud of my Welshness. Are you? Big hugs, Pam


  2. Good advice about making peace with your mother while she’s still around. I’ll be thinking about that. It was fun to see a picture of you from the 80’s— wowsa!! Beautiful!
    All the best,


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