Halloween at the beach up to 50 % off Heartsong Beads until Nov

We still have tons of seed beads , charms , clasps, Czech glass beads cords get ready for Christmas Make gifts with love .

Hours are Thurs to Sat 11 am to 4pm … 10343 NW Pacific Coast Hwy , Seal Rock

Phone is 541 563 8789 …yes it was shut off for 2 years , now its back but no answering machine , If you need to make an appointment or contact me , please email at Heartsongbeads@gmail.com

Just a few memories of the last 21 years thank you for being a part of it .


Sheltering in place ?

Walker Lake March 1 …. back in Oregon March 8

Its been a long time since my last post , we came back from our vacation to total insanity, the world has changed it’s axis ….I wish you all to stay safe , be healthy be smart.

I have been trying to be more creative making new beads , I hope to get some videos up to perhaps to keep us all from going nuts … check our my Face Book Page for up coming events https://www.facebook.com/heartsongbeads/?view_public_for=138492799529007 please let me know what you would like to see me demonstrate first a painting or a bead . I will be offering some new designs for sale on my Etsy , I also will be doing a give away promotion of a memorial bead …soon ..make a comment on my FB if you like the idea …. Sending good thought and prayers to all …..Susan

Memorial Beads or Cremation Jewelry

There are quite a few people out there making memorial beads , what are they ? Glass beads created from molten glass which encapsulate a tiny amount of the cremains (ashes ) of a loved one or pet. Cremation  beads are made one at a time by myself. It is not well known that I make these as I have not advertized this art form. Allow me to explain, each one of my beads is one of a kind so when I create a memorial bead it is a work of art which is worn and enjoyed, held and loved . When I make one I am honored and humbled that the survivor has asked me to handle part of their heart , I am touched . While creating this gift I feel the presence of the beloved with me sometimes they guide my hand , I know it sounds a little strange but its very true.I recently had a lovely lady come to my shop she requested a bead and sat yesterday and observed my process of creating a bead for her today I will take it out of the kiln . the bead in the photo I created with my Dad who passed in 2006.

dad bead  1176

this bead I have come up with a way of seeing the ashes in a peak a boo window as you can see where the arrow is pointing . It is my goal to create a bead which you will love wearing . I wrote Dad on it so I would not miss place it.

If you are thinking of having a Memorial bead made feel free to contact me , I can guide you through the process . I want to honor their memory and preserve their physical remains in a respectful way.