Susan Has a Disc Bead Necklace demo

My new video is available on youtube

I have shown many of you how to put disc beads together over the last 20 years , now I finally have a video which shows how from beginning to end . This is the first of many to come I am moving my business and art creations online .

Follow along with me while I stumble through many art forms , yes I love art , we all love wandering through Pinterest and You tube . I get so inspired I have to try them all , join me on my next crazy journey subscribe to my You Tube channel I’m am a beginner no bells and whistles , no speeding videos or music YET I am learning as I go .

This is a new alcohol ink painting I made while waiting 5 hours for my you tube video to upload … Long day .

Update on Heartsong Beads the shop is open Thurs to Sat 11 to 5pm If you are coming on a special day and would love to purchase my beads email me for an appointment I am happy to meet you .

Just a reminder I do Memorial beads here are a few examples …Check out my website for more information

10343 NW Pacific Coast Hwy Seal Rock , Oregon 97376